Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brainstorm Game Idea #3

This is my final brainstorm on a game. The game is doing a flash adaptation on the classic game "Warlock" or one might even call it "Wizard Wars".

The setting of the game is a team of wizards competing for glory in an arena. Each specific wizard represents an element with a power related to the element. For example, a fire wizard controls the Fireball, which deals additional damage compared to other spells, but which are slower as well.

The gameplay is the central part of the game and can be described as follows: Wizards compete against each other in a circle arena with lava surrounding it. A wizard starts at full health, which roughly affects the game in two ways: First, if the wizard loses healths until he's on zero health, he dies. Secondly, the more damage the wizard takes, the more the wizard will be pushed by projectiles of other players hitting him. The game is centered around skillfully aiming the projectiles available to a wizard in other to hit others in their path of walking. Being sent out into the lava causes damage rapidly escalating until death. The wizards can upgrade their projectiles in terms of speed, functionality, damage etc. The last wizard standing is the winner.

The technology is rather unclear for me at this point. I would like the game to be implemented with HTML 5 only, however I'm not sure how well the physics needed for the game to be fun and enjoyable are possible to implement. If this is not the case then Unity might be a solution.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Brainstorm Game Idea #2

The next idea for a game I'd like to create is called Adapt. Now I know this game idea is highly unlikely I'll ever do anything like it, however I've always wanted to try and formulate the idea as a game.

The basic idea for the game is that the premise for each game is always the same. However, each game should be very different as user created content should be as important as in the communities in Blizzard games, where most of the best content is actually created by the excellent map creator tools in the games.

The story is fairly simple: In a strategy/turn-based/civilization styled game, a group of survivors crash-land onto an unknown planet which supports life and development. On this new planet, the group of survivors must adapt to their new conditions and develop a civilization that's uniquely defined by the conditions of the particular instance of the game. For example, a very story-driven game might contain the group of survivors moving through the planet at different sites of mythology in order to unlock a secret to escaping. In another scenario, the survivors settle down and strive to build a civilization in the middle of a harsh jungle. In a third scenario, survivors battle other civilizations and acquire their technology through warfare. In any scenario, there might be victory conditions (like 5 generations of survivors, or escape the planet etc.) or the scenario might let the user expand as far as he/she likes.

The gameplay is at the heart of the game, and by definition must be very complex. However, first versions of the game could be simple. The gameplay should contain two parts: One part, in which the player plays scenarios created by others/the developer. The other part allows the player to create new content in a very flexible way. Users could create resources or use predefined ones that set a particular pace of the game. For example, a standard approach would be that players of the scenario had to mine wood and harvest food in order to survive. Each cycle of buildings and developments unlocks a new ressource to be harvested in an Age of Empire style lifetime. The user can also create new resources and define rules for them ingame. For example make a new resource called Greed which might fluctuate based on the level of gold accumulated. The ideal setting for the user created content would be a mix of a programming like environment, where the user can program new limits and ressources - and a drag'n'drop setting where pre-defined resources can be selected (such as Sploder).

Ideally, this is an Unreal technology based game with 3d like graphics in the style of Starcraft 2 or other new RTS games. However, as this is also very unlikely in this course a basic version could be made in the browser. All graphics are imported from other sources. This basic version should not contain the map creation part but only contain pre defined scenarios.

Brainstorm Game Idea #1

In this post, I'm going to describe my first brainstorming idea for a game.

This game is a version of the classic type-words-fast game, but with a defined theme and upgrades to make the game more interesting.

I've always like quick-typing games, but most of those I've played have had some issues. They either won't implement some sort of gaming-like progression in the game - upgrades, consumable items that boost your in game powers etc.- or they won't have a graphical theme and a background that's interesting so it's fun to play while you learn typing.

Surfing the Words - Story
The theme for this game is a guy trying to learn how to surf. As he types faster and faster, he'll be able to surf bigger venues and bigger waves for an extended period of time. The story resolves in the background as the gamer focuses on typing words correctly. Each stage in the game is a known beach/break from the surfing world. The story is supposed to be discreet and anonymous, but still provoke a willingness to progress through the game.

The gameplay is the addictive bread and butter of the game. It's very simple and easy to learn yet very challenging even for experts. Words appear on the screen and must be typed correctly before reaching the surfer on the screen. Typing them before they hit the surfer allows the surfer to 'ride' them, which in turn gives points and the player complete the level. If the typing is not done in time, the surfer will sway and lose health and, ultimately, wipeout the board and fail the level. Between levels, it is possible to purchase upgrades, such as more health (better board), increased health regen (better surfer), one time consumables such as clear all words (super surf move), and if the surfer accumulates enough points, he/she can move to bigger harder levels which also gives more points.

No new technology is really needed. The most important part is the input handling of the game (but this can be done in browsers easily). Additionally, graphic is an important part of the game as the theme and the feel of the game separates it from all other typing games. I envision the game in pixelated art as that's clearly my favorite browser experience.