Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brainstorm Game Idea #3

This is my final brainstorm on a game. The game is doing a flash adaptation on the classic game "Warlock" or one might even call it "Wizard Wars".

The setting of the game is a team of wizards competing for glory in an arena. Each specific wizard represents an element with a power related to the element. For example, a fire wizard controls the Fireball, which deals additional damage compared to other spells, but which are slower as well.

The gameplay is the central part of the game and can be described as follows: Wizards compete against each other in a circle arena with lava surrounding it. A wizard starts at full health, which roughly affects the game in two ways: First, if the wizard loses healths until he's on zero health, he dies. Secondly, the more damage the wizard takes, the more the wizard will be pushed by projectiles of other players hitting him. The game is centered around skillfully aiming the projectiles available to a wizard in other to hit others in their path of walking. Being sent out into the lava causes damage rapidly escalating until death. The wizards can upgrade their projectiles in terms of speed, functionality, damage etc. The last wizard standing is the winner.

The technology is rather unclear for me at this point. I would like the game to be implemented with HTML 5 only, however I'm not sure how well the physics needed for the game to be fun and enjoyable are possible to implement. If this is not the case then Unity might be a solution.

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