Monday, November 4, 2013

Game Minute

Following is my game minute for the game, fingersplash:

"The young surfer is contemplating which upgrades to get for his board. After all, a new fin will surely allow him to increase his balance, making it easier for him to withstand pressure from the incoming balance. On the other hand, he's also thinking of just going for a soda which will only temporary boost his abilities, then saving money for later upgrades in his journey. The decision is made in favor of the soda and he's quickly out in the water again. This time the waves seem to come in even faster (words) and he's gotta be quick to spell words loudly to maintain his balance. He's even learned a new trick; spelling multiple words at a time. The focus allows him to swiftly type in almost any word. However, he misses a word on a big wave, causing him to fall over. This could have killed him had he not been provided with extra life. However he must now start all over the wave again, squandering any potential to reap rewards for that particular wave in terms of money to buy new gear.
After a long period of surfing the same reef (level), the surfer is now ready to spend some money to travel to a more exotic place with promising rewards of greater glory and money.

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