Monday, October 14, 2013

Game Focus: Revisited

Game Focus

'Fingersplash' is a fast paced typing game, in which the player must surf waves and attain high scores at different surfbreaks. The way to do this is by typing out words and sentences before a time constraint expires which causes the player avatar to crash and fall of the waves. The most compelling aspect is that the player can play a progressive game while building an important real life skill set: typing fast and correctly. The player's experience will be about helping his avatar survive and surf through bigger and bigger waves of water. Furthermore, the game captures the excitement of learning a new skill in an intense way, and seeing the results of training/playing to get better.  The progressions are a major part of the game: the player upgrades his board (time to enter words), reputation (score multiplier) and so on.

(I can't do this myself but the following is also the developers approach:)
The game is colorful and captures elements of the surfer  lifestyle in terms of the music, terminology in-game, purchasable upgrades and graphical design. Different stages represents different periods of time and therefore incorporate many surfing elements such as surf-rock, mavericks-theme, etc. In regards to technology, the game uses a basic JavaScript engine and run in a browser. Pixelated art is the  the primary style of graphics.

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